Custom manufacturing has become increasingly crucial for producing special part numbers and metric standards in the current industrial environment. Working with a reputable custom manufacturer ensures that your products are made to the highest quality standards. 

At Aerospace Manufacturing, Inc., we offer comprehensive services for customers looking for metric standards, customer-supplied prints, and special parts. Whatever your needs may be, we can tailor a solution that’s perfect for you. 

Custom Manufacturing

Our Approach

Large or small, every Aerospace Manufacturing customer is important to us. We are committed to meeting the special needs of each and every customer, and this commitment is reflected in our custom manufacturing approach: a combination of state-of-the-art equipment, world-class engineers, and a customer-focused staff.

Custom Manufacturing


Our production can meet any customized and specialized requirements, including, but not limited to metric standards, customer-supplied prints, and special part numbers. Our factory-trained technicians will work with you to propose the best solution for your needs. Alternatively, our engineers can recommend existing fasteners to meet special requirements.

What we offer

With a state-of-the-art manufacturing facility and flexibility, Aerospace Manufacturing developed custom manufacturing processes for standard aerospace fasteners and custom fasteners, allowing us to fulfill large contracts, blanket orders, and small specialty orders to meet your needs. 

Among the manufacturing capabilities we do in house are:

  • Hot Forging 

A hot forging process is the shaping of malleable metal parts into a predetermined shape by applying one or more methods, such as hammering, upsetting, and pressing, while heating the workpiece to about 75% of its melting point.  

  • Thread Rolling/Forming 

In a thread rolling/forming process, a metal stock is deformed by rolling it through dies, creating external threads on its surface. The same principle can be used to create internal threads, known as thread forming. Among the advantages of rolled threaded fasteners are stronger threads, precise dimensions, an excellent surface finish, and a low coefficient of friction. 

  • Centerless Grinding 

During the centerless grinding process, two wheels rotate in the same direction and at different speeds while holding the workpiece. Grinding wheels rotate on a fixed axis, which directs force downward on the workpiece. When the wheel is in contact with the workpiece, it grinds at a faster linear speed.  

  • Machining 

Our ability to produce custom-made fasteners through the machining process enables us to provide the fixes your project needs to be assembled and maintained. This process allows us to create complex and robust fasteners for aerospace applications

  • Drilling 

In drilling, a circular hole is cut into solid materials using a drill bit. It is a rotating tool that is often multi-pointed. The bit’s cutting edge is pressed against the workpiece as the bit rotates at fast revolutions per minute, which removes chips from the workpiece. 

  • Broaching

With broaching, the material is removed from a workpiece consistently, continuously, and accurately using a sharp, hardened, toothed tool. A broaching device is equipped with raised teeth of various sizes, which precisely remove a certain amount of material with each pass. In broaching, the multi-cutting tool moves while the workpiece remains static, or the workpiece moves while the tool is static. 

In-House Special Process 

With Aerospace Manufacturing, Inc., you get greater control, less reliance on subcontractors, and shorter lead times. We offer the following services to our clients: 

  • In-House Testing: We perform virtually all on-site tests in our updated, modern, climate-controlled Quality Control testing facility, demonstrating AMI’s commitment to quality. Our outstanding testing capabilities are certified by in-house Non-Destructing Testing (NDT) Levels II and III. 
  • Tool and Die Making: Since AMI invested in tooling in-house early on, our clients have experienced high cost and lead time reduction. 
  • Heat Treating: With our state-of-the-art oven, we can perform in-house aging. As a result, our clients save time and money by reducing their lead times and delivery costs. The heat-treating process changes the chemical properties of metal alloys at high temperatures.  

Aerospace fasteners with tight tolerance specifications can benefit from aging to increase coercivity and strength. Aerospace Manufacturing can reduce lead times by aging in-house to create high-strength, close-tolerance aerospace fasteners. 

  • Plating Process: Our electroplating facility allows us to perform Cadmium, cadmium fluoroborate, and passivation electrochemical processes to cater to your needs. 

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