Company History

Company History

Aerospace Manufacturing Corp., known as AMI, is a manufacturer of high strength, complex, and close tolerance aerospace bolts, screws, pins, studs, threaded rods.


  • Established in New Jersey 1986, AMI began as small manufacturer of complex fasteners focused on the production of bolts and screws. By the late 1980’s, AMI out grew its first and second facilities.

  • In 1991, AMI invested in the refurbishment of an original 1920’s sewing factory in Wallington, NJ, customizing the building and retrofitting it to enhance product flow throughout the facility. With its new 27,000 square foot manufacturing facility, AMI found the need to continue to invest.

  • In 1994, AMI added pins, studs, and threaded rods to its fastener manufacturing capabilities.

    This completed AMI’s standard fastener line manufactured to AN, MIL, MS, NA, and NAS standards, as well and it’s ability to manufacture custom, made-to-print items.

    Exotic materials are also introduced to the product line, including Titanium, Inconel, Waspaloy, A-286, MP35N, Alloy Steel (4140, 4340, 8740), H-11, 17-4PH, PH13-8Mo, Stainless 300 and 400 Series, and Monel 400 and 500 Series.

    The introduction of a customized ERP solution helps propel AMI’s product line and streamline processes.

  • In 1997, AMI becomes QSLM approved for Class 2 and Class 3 fasteners.

    AMI successfully earned its ISO:9001, along with its Phillips Screw© license.

  • In 2001, AMI inaugurated a state-of-the-art, 6,000 square foot electro-plating facility. At the same time, AMI continued to invest in expanding its testing capabilities, completing its line of testing machinery and equipment. At the same time, in-house tooling capabilities are introduced.

    This completed AMI’s vertical integration of products to deliver parts under the fastest of schedule constraints.

    AMI reaffirms its dedication to 100% DFARS compliant material, by following the DFARS clause on all newly purchased material once the clause is enacted.

  • In 2016, AMI celebrated 30 years of existence. To commemorate the event, AMI renewed its logo, selecting one New York metropolitan area’s finest design teams to lead the project.

    At the same time, AMI chose to further invest in its facility by installing brand new LED lighting throughout the 27,000 square foot facility, allowing for optimal lighting and productivity, while also adapting to newer, greener technologies.

  • In 2018, AMI obtained its AS9100 Revision D certification, allowing AMI to continue to grow its aerospace business clientele.

    In order to continue to meet customer demand, AMI chose to invest in new technologies, adopting a state-of-the-art ERP.



Today, AMI’s purpose-built, state-of-the-art manufacturing facility, as well as its flexibility and diversity of product, allows Aerospace Manufacturing to produce everything from large contacts and blanket orders to small specialty as low as a few pieces. As a result, AMI has developed custom manufacturing processes to create the highest quality aerospace fasteners for both standard and custom fasteners. AMI serves a diversified sector, ranging from commercial aviation, military, space, propulsion, marine time, and ground support.

Thanks to our team of world-class technicians, we are able to build the most challenging of fasteners. AMI always meets any customized and specialized requirements while ensuring quality and exceeding customer expectations. AMI’s objective is 100% quality achieved through on-going training, in-process control, and a dedication to implement and improve our manufacturing and quality procedures.


AMI has earned a solid reputation for reliability and high quality, making AMI a trusted source for world-class OEM leaders including, but not limited to Bombardier, BAE Systems, Lockheed Martin, Sikorsky Aircraft, NAVICP, NASA and Textron Aviation, to name just a few.

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