At AMI, we have become a leading source of fasteners and bolts in OEM aerospace applications. With our reputation, we deliver quality NAS (National Aerospace Standard) bolts that exceed expectations, such as those belonging to the NAS1351-NAS1352 product family.

With an undeniable manufacturing process and quality control, our team ensures that our NAS1351-NAS1352 bolts are in continuous production. Therefore, we can deliver them to our customers in shorter turnarounds, avoiding unnecessary delays and problems.


Our NAS1351-NAS1352 bolts are made with quality materials under stringent circumstances for better outputs. We strive to improve your bottom line, so we only employ the latest and most innovative manufacturing process for consistent outcomes. Quality is our driving force, aiding us through the different stages of producing lasting products.

Materials we use:

  • Heat resistant steel
  • Corrosion resistant steel
  • Alloy steel

We use these materials because they’re ideal for aerospace applications because of their superior performance and durability.

Applications of NAS1351-NAS1352 Bolts

Our NAS1351-NAS1352 bolts are made to comply with the National Aerospace Standards Committee’s standards, ensuring these will enhance the safety and overall performance of the aircraft. 

Other applications include the following:

  • Securing aircraft structures
  • Aircraft manufacturing
  • High technology systems
  • Satellites
  • Electronic boxes

Experience Unparalleled Quality

We’re experts in our field and understand what our customers need and are looking for. It’s how we have maintained our unrivaled quality throughout all products we develop and produce, such as the NAS1351-NAS1352 bolts.

How we do it:

  • Implement Quality Control
  • Maintain in-house traceability and lot identification
  • Rigid process control
  • Inspection, testing, and calibration of products
  • Periodic self-audits

Trust Us to Deliver Products that Last

We understand how the aerospace industry requires high-quality NAS1351-NAS1352 bolts for their various projects and aerospace applications. Contact us today if you want to know more about our products and services. We’re ready to handle your orders and find a solution that works.

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