Unrivaled Quality

At Aerospace Manufacturing, we believe quality is a given—not an option. We are AS9100 and ISO:9001 accredited and QSLM approved. Our precise testing equipment and unparalleled commitment to quality have made Aerospace Manufacturing a top manufacturer for agencies like NASA, for numerous world-class companies that supply the Aerospace Program, and many other prominent aerospace OEM companies.


Quality Control

Aerospace Manufacturing follows a rigorous Quality Control Program that is implemented and applied by all Aerospace Manufacturing employees and reviewed periodically. Our strict adherence to this program has resulted in reduced product delivery lead times and enhanced customers satisfaction.


Product Traceability & Lot Identification

We maintain in-house traceability records that reflect an unbroken chain of documentation from the mill that produced the raw material to our customer.

To further simplify product traceability, we never commingle products, and we follow strict internal procedures to ensure that all purchased materials conform to customers’ documented procurement requirements and/or DFARS Compliant.


Process Control

Each process is controlled via a rigid inspection system. Records are kept in accordance to industry guidelines.


Inspection, Testing & Calibration

We follow strict written inspection/conformance verification procedures that follow the complete life-cycle of every fastener—from the receipt of raw materials until the finished product has been delivered.

All testing is performed by qualified and/or certified personnel, and all test results are recorded and traceable to the raw material and product lot manufactured.

All measuring devices and testing equipment are calibrated and are traceable to the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST).


Internal Audits

To further ensure quality, Aerospace Manufacturing performs periodic self-audits, which are conducted by personnel independent from the process being audited. The scope of the audit, the findings, and any corrective actions are recorded.

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