AMI offers unparalleled quality that ensures our products are second to none. We focus on creating fastening solutions that will improve our customers’ bottom line, and one of these product families is the NAS7303-NAS7316 series. With the help of technological advances, we utilize the latest innovations to produce fasteners that exceed expectations.


Our expert machinists operate state-of-the-art equipment to ensure we create consistent results for the demanding project requirements of our OEM aerospace partners. We have streamlined our quality control and manufacturing processes, ensuring that the NAS7303-NAS7316 bolts are in continuous production.

Our turnaround for NAS7303-NAS7316 is shorter, so we can deliver them to you without delays. This series is available using titanium.  

In addition to the bolts being made with titanium, one of the most popular configurations of the series includes an aluminum coating, which is good for the corrosion resistance of the bolt.

Common Applications of NAS7303-NAS7316

Typically used in high-strength applications, NAS7303-NAS7316 bolts are made to adhere to the National Aerospace Standards Committee’s standards. Since these standards change or are updated over time, we comply with the latest revisions.

Some applications of NAS7303-NAS7316 bolts:

  • Aircraft construction
  • High technology systems
  • Aircraft structures
  • Internally threaded applications

Quality that’s Superior & Unrivaled

At AMI, we focus on delivering unrivaled quality to our customers. Our goal is to become a leading source of NAS bolts, particularly NAS7303-NAS7316, for the many years to come.

How we strive to be the best:

  • Quality control systems
  • In-house traceability and lot identification
  • Stringent process control
  • Inspection, product testing, and calibration
  • Self-audits

Choose Us to Fulfill Your Aerospace Needs

With our streamlined processes and world-class products, we can accommodate and fulfill all your aerospace needs. If you want to know more about our NAS7303-NAS7316 bolts, contact us today, and we’ll find a solution that works best for you.

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