Aerospace Manufacturing, Inc.’s MS14181 series aerospace bolts are among the most reliable and advanced pieces of aerospace bolts on the market today. Used to construct crucial components in various turbine engines, aircraft frames, and defense equipment, these strong steel fasteners display extraordinary precision engineering and consistent work with every iteration produced. 

Here’s an overview of its specifications and insights into why Aerospace Manufacturing has become a powerhouse in aerospace hardware development over the past decade.

What are Aerospace Bolts?

Aerospace bolts are a special type of fastener used in the aerospace industry. They are designed to offer superior strength, durability, and corrosion resistance compared to conventional bolts. Aerospace bolts must also meet strict safety and performance standards the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) set. 

These specialized fasteners are made from high-grade alloys such as:

  • Alloy steel
  • Titanium
  • Nickel alloys
  • Stainless steel
  • Super alloys
  • Other specialty metals

The threads of an aerospace bolt may be rolled or cut. Rolled threading is preferred for its smoother finish that helps reduce stress concentrations and increase fatigue life.

MS14181 Specifications and Standards 

MS14181 specifications are designed to ensure that fasteners like spline drive flanged heads made from nickel alloy 718 can handle up to 220 KSI FTU when externally wrung. This alloy is highly corrosion resistant and has a long life, meaning it is suitable for extreme temperature applications and other high-stress conditions.

Leading manufacturer of MS14181 at Aerospace Manufacturing, Inc.

At Aerospace Manufacturing, Inc., continuous production and shorter turnarounds are our specialty. We’ve worked hard to develop a reliable production cycle that has proven to be reliable for the MS14181 aerospace bolts we manufacture. On the MS14181 series, the entire process from start to finish is done completely in house including heat treatment, drilling, and coating when applicable.

If you’re looking for an experienced manufacturing partner that can produce and deliver high-quality parts quickly, contact us today. We are prepared to exceed your expectations and provide top-tier solutions tailored to your needs.

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