Testing Capabilities

Aerospace Manufacturing has a reputation for reliability and quality, and it all starts with our outstanding testing capabilities. Our modern, climate-controlled, quality control testing facility allows us to perform all testing – destructive and non-destructive – in-house. Some testing devices are calibrated in-house. All devices and testing equipment are certified, calibrated, and traceable to NIST.

Our world-class equipment allows us to perform:

  • Hardness Tests – HRC, superficial and microhardness
  • Metallography Tests
  • Dimensional Inspection
  • Double Shear Tests
  • Tensile Strength Tests
  • Tension Fatigue Tests
  • Stress Durability Tests
  • Stress Rupture Tests
  • Non-Destructing Testing (NDT) Level II and Level III in-house certified (MT, PT)
  • Hydrogen Embrittlement Tests

Expert Staff

All testing is performed by qualified and/or certified personnel, and all test results are recorded, and traceable to the raw material and product lot tested.

Inspection Procedures

We also follow strict written inspection/conformance verification procedures through the complete life-cycle of every fastener—from the receipt of raw materials until the finished product is ready to be delivered.

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