You Might be Flying Next to Cargo Soon

You Might be Flying Next to Cargo Soon

Passenger Flight Could Soon Look Dramatically Different

Change is constant, and nowhere is this more true than in air travel. Over the course of your life, you have probably seen security amp up in airports while legroom and comfort on most flights have decreased. COVID-19 has served as a new impetus to exciting changes in the industry as many airlines have noted the changing needs of their customers.

HAECO Cabin Solutions has jumped on board recently, seeking to solve the problem of limited cargo space. With fewer people flying, there is more room than ever in the passenger section of most airplanes. On the other hand, the need for increased cargo space has risen dramatically as many are seeking ways to carry medical supplies and cargo on their flights. Thanks to HAECO, airlines can soon turn some of their overwhelming passenger space into cargo space using safe solutions. 

HAECO Cabin Solutions is a part of the HAECO Group headquartered in Greensboro, North Carolina. While the group has focused on passenger seats, lavatories, and similar products in the past, they have now turned their attention to increased cargo stowage. With the launch of their new solutions, airlines can now safely combine cargo and passengers in the main cabin.

There are now four unique stowage solutions available from HAECO depending on the way that the airline wants to make use of extra space. The smallest solutions can hold up to 240 pounds while the larger solutions can take on up to 1,000 pounds. The solutions are also designed to work around the products already installed in the plane. One makes use of extra floor space for pallet-style stowage while others stow cargo on top of or in front of aircraft seats.

The great news is that these solutions from HAECO will soon be certified through a Supplemental Type Certificate, most likely in less than a month, so that airlines can safely fly both passengers and in-cabin cargo on the same flight. Plus, the weight will be optimally balanced throughout the flight to meet current aircraft requirements. Once the certification process is complete, airlines will be able to get and install these cargo solutions in approximately four to six weeks.

Thanks to this newer, safer way of transporting all types of cargo directly in the passenger cabin, all types of planes, including narrow-body aircraft, can reap the rewards of meeting their customers’ needs more fully. There is already some interest in certain airlines for this concept, and there is sure to be more over the coming months.

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