Waspaloy Bolts: Champions in Extreme Environments

Waspaloy Bolts: Champions in Extreme Environments


Waspaloy is an exotic material by any measure. This nickel-based superalloy, which consists of everything from cobalt and chromium to age-hardening aluminum and titanium, is extremely reliable at extreme temperatures. Waspaloy delivers strength and reliability even at temperatures as high as 1600°F.  Therefore, it is typically used in the hottest areas of an airplane – those areas where Inconel bolts might fail. Unlike Titanium bolts, Waspaloy bolts are made from a patented exotic material instead of a naturally occurring element. Waspaloy is a registered trademark of United Technologies Corp.

Benefits of Waspaloy Bolts in Aerospace

  1. High temperature limits – 1600°F for stationary parts and 1200°F for rotating applications
  2. Low thermal conductivity
  3. Resistant to thermal cycling
  4. Superior stress rupture strength

Waspaloy Bolts are used for…

  1. Areas exposed to extreme heat for extended period of time
  2. Gas turbine blades, shafts, rings, seals and turbine disks.

Procure Waspaloy Bolts from Aerospace Manufacturing

Aerospace Manufacturing is trusted by companies and organizations like NASA, the US Navy, Lockheed Martin and DLA to deliver high strength, close tolerance aerospace fasteners, including bolts, screws, pins, studs and threaded rods. We pride ourselves on superior quality, quick lead times, and our ability to accommodate both large and small orders, as well as custom runs.

We are AS9100 and ISO:9001 accredited, QSLM approved and a Phillips Screw licensee.

In addition to creating bolts screws, pins, studs and threaded rods to AN, MIL, MS, NA, and NAS standards, we specialize in working with various exotic materials to create Waspaloy bolts, Inconel bolts, Titanium bolts, and MP35N bolts and more.

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