Here Comes the Cavalry: Meet V-280, the Black Hawk’s Likely Replacement

Here Comes the Cavalry: Meet V-280, the Black Hawk’s Likely Replacement

Don’t call it a comeback, but the V-22 Osprey of 80’s lore is making a comeback — albeit in a streamlined form. Constructed by Bell Helicopter, the V-280 Valor tiltrotor is an amazing combination between in airplane and a helicopter, and it’s currently seen as the frontrunner to replace the fabled Black Hawk helicopter.

Plus we share a few bits of company news: a recent addition to our world-class manufacturing facility in Wallington, NJ, and our most recent quality award from Phillips Screws. We hope you enjoy!

Here Comes the Cavalry: Meet the Black Hawk’s Likely Replacement

Inspired by the V-22 Osprey, but not burdened with the assembly and maintenance nightmares that came to define it, the V-280 Valor tiltrotor is something to behold — even though it is still chained to the ground.

Designed and manufactured from scratch by Bell Helicopter, the V-280 is a tiltrotor — a combination of an airplane and a helicopter. It is also the leading candidate to replace the US Army’s trusty workhorse, the Black Hawk. Why, you may ask?

Once fully operational, the V-280 Valor will provide double the speed and range of even the most advanced current helicopters. Obviously, if all goes according to plan, it will render conventional helicopters all but irrelevant. Pilots will enjoy a wrap-around view of their surroundings and will maneuver with the comfortable and intuitive flight control avionics of the Lockheed Martin’s C-130K.

Other features are a setup that swings propellers but keeps engines in place — something the V-22 lacked and limited its performance capabilities and reliability. The V-280 also includes a side-loading door, something the Army is particularly interested in. Engineering work started in 2012. Building kicked off in 2015. Tests are now underway. The V-280’s only remaining hurdle is convincing the Army to buy it over its primary competition: the SB-1 Defiant, a high speed helicopter being built jointly by Sikorsky and Boeing. Stay tuned!

AMI Company News

These Little Lights of Ours, We’re Gonna Let em’ Shine…

AMI started and continues to operate in New Jersey. We are proud to be a NJ aerospace manufacturer with proximity to EWR, Teterboro Airport as well as the Big Apple. We are proud to say Made in U.S.A. and take pride in our world-class Wallington, NJ facility. And that’s why we would like to share our most recent renovation/investment: brand new lighting.

It’s one thing to replace lights in your office or in your home. Doing it in a state-of-the-art facility like AMI’s is a little more complicated. Good lighting means safety. That’s why we chose the LW4 Architectural Linear Ambient Luminaire due to its compact design and very wide and near-perfect light distribution.

With many moving parts, our facility is home to hyper-qualified engineers that regularly meet the demands of some of the world’s largest and most prestigious aerospace and defense organizations. It’s also home to numerous pieces of state-of-the-art processing equipment and 6,000 square-foot electroplating facility.

AMI wins Phillips Screw Quality Award for 5th Consecutive Year…

Aerospace Manufacturing recently received the Quality Award for the fifth consecutive year from the Phillips Screw Company. Want to learn more about this important distinction? Check out our blog: Phillips Aerospace Fasteners.

About Aerospace Manufacturing

Aerospace Manufacturing was founded in 1986. We are AS9100 and ISO:9001 accredited, QSLM approved and a Phillips Screw licensee that creates high strength, close tolerance aerospace fasteners to standards such as AN, MIL, MS, NA, NAS, as well as custom specials made to print. We are a trusted source for numerous world-class OEM leaders including, but not limited to Sikorsky, NAVICP, NASA and Lockheed Martin.

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