Two Reasons why Demand for U.S. Aircraft Parts is Skyrocketing

Two Reasons why Demand for U.S. Aircraft Parts is Skyrocketing

According to 2016 Top Markets Report: Aircraft Parts, a report published by the International Trade Administration this month, exports of U.S. aircraft parts including fasteners, wings, fuselages, and avionics have increased steadily over the last 10 years.

Rising Demand for ‘Made in USA’ Aircraft Parts

Though the export trend has shown a steady increase, the last several years saw a spike in demand. Between 2013 and 2014, U.S. aircraft part exports increased 10.6 percent. This is a surprising leap considering total U.S. exports rose just 2.6 percent over the same period. The question is this: why are foreign aviation companies clamoring for aircraft parts made in the USA?

Why ‘Made in the USA’ Matters in Aerospace

The FAA defines “standard parts” as those produced according to government regulations, and “approved parts” as standard parts that also meet certain quality and safety criteria. Despite strict regulations and oversight, unapproved parts sometimes make their way onto commercial aircraft. Unapproved parts may include counterfeit parts, parts that have been used beyond their optimal time limits, untraceable parts, and parts with fraudulent labels. Both minor and major airline accidents have been traced to unapproved aircraft parts in the past, and scavenged/stolen aircraft parts continue to be sold on the black market and to unsuspecting buyers.

Given these very real risks, it’s no surprise that airline companies and major OEMs are turning to U.S. suppliers with parts made in the USA.

Advantages of US-Made Aircraft Parts

  • Strict standards

The FAA’s standards for ensuring the airworthiness of U.S. aircraft parts is unparalleled. While some foreign parts manufacturers may value cost more than quality, customers who purchase parts made in the USA know the parts have been approved by the FAA.

  • Strong Legacy

Besides the regulatory assurances that come with U.S. aircraft parts, U.S. aircraft parts have another advantage over foreign competition. U.S. manufacturers have a long tradition of meeting the stringent demands of a vibrant domestic customer base. This legacy has given U.S. manufacturers the experience and technological ability to produce a broad range of high-quality products.

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