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  1. Procure Titanium Aerospace Bolts from AMI

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    According to Boeing, the 737 Dreamliner is made of 15 percent titanium. Much of that is in the form of titanium aerospace fasteners. So what makes titanium right for the job?

    Titanium has the highest strength-to-density ratio of any metallic element. Grade 5 titanium is four times stronger than steel and almost 50 percent lighter. Titanium is 200 percent stronger than aluminum but only 60 percent heavier.

    Add to its strength-to-weight ratio its unique corrosion resistance, and it’s no wonder that titanium is commonly used for numerous demanding aerospace applications.

    Characteristics of Titanium Aerospace Bolts

    • – Not a good conductor of electricity or heat
    • – High temperature performance
    • – High strength-to-density ratio
    • – Non-magnetic
    • – Corrosion resistance

    Titanium Aerospace Bolts are used for…

    Titanium bolts are used in many areas of an aircraft where performance under extreme temperatures and pressure is a must, including

    • – Exterior air frames
    • – Landing gear
    • – Housing, pumps, screens and fan blades in jet engines
    • – Discs, blades, shafts and cases in engines
    • – Internal components in rings and propellers

    Procure Titanium Aerospace Bolts from AMI

    Aerospace Manufacturing is a AS9100 and ISO:9001 accredited, QSLM approved manufacturer. Our clientele includes industry leading aerospace and defense companies like Lockheed Martin, DLA and Bombardier.

    We are a proud Phillips Screw licensee creating fasteners to AN, MIL, MS, NA, and NAS standards, as well as custom fasteners.

    We specialize in exotic materials. Our inventory includes MP35N Aerospace Fasteners, Waspaloy Aerospace Fasteners, and Inconel  Aerospace Fasteners.

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