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  1. The Critical Applications of H11 Aerospace Bolts

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    H series steels, which run from H1 through H19, are known for their unique toughness, abrasion resistance, and ability to resist deformation even at extreme temperatures and even under extreme stress. These characteristics make H11 aerospace bolts ideal for applications where extreme stress loads are common.

    What is H11?

    H11 is special alloy steel with a relatively low carbon content and chromium content between 4.75% and 5.25%. H11 is also sometimes called chromium tool steel. The most commonly used varieties are H11, H12 and H13.

    H11 is easy to work with. It can be welded, machined, forged, and cold worked with conventional methods. Its machinability rate is roughly 75% that of W group steels.

    Benefits of H11 Aerospace Bolts

    • – Extreme resistance to stress and impact
    • – Good resistance to thermal fatigue cracking
    • – Excellent resistance to gross cracking and thermal shock
    • – Good tensile strength: 289,000 psi

    H11 Bolts are used for:

    H11 tool steel bolts are ideal for use in highly stressed areas of an aircraft, such as its landing gear. Common aerospace bolts made of H11 are those in the MS21297 Series.

    Tooling H11 Aerospace Bolts

    We not only manufacture our aerospace bolts in house, we also test and tool them at our state-of-the-art facility, which includes the following pieces of equipment:

    • – Forging Presses
    • – Thread Rolling Machines
    • – Grinding Machines
    • – Drilling Machines
    • – Broaching
    • – Warm Heading Machines

    Procure H11 Aerospace Bolts from AMI

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