What do Quality Aerospace Bolts Look Like?

What do Quality Aerospace Bolts Look Like?

You are looking at quality aerospace bolts created by Aerospace Manufacturing. They aren’t just pretty to look at though. They are miracles of micro engineering, manufactured from exotic materials like Inconel and Monel for their amazing lightness, strength, and durability and are heat treated to exceed a tensile strength of 125,000 pounds per square inch (psi). Commercial grade bolts generally have somewhere around 55,000 psi and have very little corrosion protection.

The difference between aerospace bolts and commercial bolts is like night and day.

Quality aerospace bolts are more rigorously tested, more carefully manufactured, and more carefully studied than almost any other component on an aircraft. The reason? For one, they are incredibly important. Fasteners hold together the aircraft. Secondly, they are among the most common component in an aircraft. Of a Boeing 747s 6 million parts, nearly half are fasteners.

The get an idea of the forces that quality aerospace bolts must endure, check out the video below, a compilation of the top 5 aircraft carrier landings. In the last video, you’ll see a fighter pilot who is forced to land on a STOOL on the deck of an aircraft carrier due to a landing gear malfunction. Crazy!

What holds an aircraft together under such punishing conditions are quality aerospace bolts. And because it’s an amazing aircraft, we’re also sharing a highlight of the F-35B as it vertically takes off and lands on an aircraft carrier, performs barrel rolls, refuels in flight, and drops munitions. To learn more about the F-35 and how it stacks up against China’s stealth fighter, check out our blog How China’s J-20 Stealth Fighter Stacks Up Against the USAF’s Best

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Aerospace Manufacturing is a AS9100 and ISO:9001 accredited manufacturer that creates high strength, close tolerance aerospace fasteners that meet the expectations of clients ranging from the U.S. Navy and Lockheed Martin to Sikorsky and NASA. 

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