Every French word you need to know for the Paris Air Show

Every French word you need to know for the Paris Air Show

The Paris Air Show is a month away. If you’re attending or exhibiting, some brushing up on your français is in order. Below we’ve selected some of the most important words and phrases to commit to memory.

To grab a free notebook, pen, tote bag and microfiber glasses cleaner — or to practice your pronunciation — taxi over to Hall 6, Booth N°C73 or pick a time and day that works for you here: Répondez s’il vous plaît (RSVP)


“Please” in French is “S’il vous plaît.”

Thank you

Like in any language, there are a thousand and one ways to show gratitude. If you’re a novice in French, stick to the simple and always appropriate, “Merci.”


Neither cold or overly formal, “Au revoir” (pronounced oh reh-vwah) is the most common way of saying goodbye in French.

Declining, politely

Almost as important as saying thank you is knowing how to politely decline. If someone offers you something or invites you somewhere, whether at the conference or on the street, you can say, “Non, merci,” which means “No, thank you.”

Where is..?

Nothing wrong with getting a bit turned around in a foreign land so long as you know how to regain your bearings. “Where is” in French is “Où est…?”

I can’t eat…

If you have food allergies or dietary restrictions, this phrase is a must: ““Je ne peux pas manger…” which means, “I don’t eat…”

  • – Nuts – les noix
  • – Peanuts – les cacahuètes
  • – Gluten – le gluten
  • – Shellfish – les fruits de mer
  • – Meat – la viande

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