Numerous eVTOL Applications & Why Bigwig Companies are Embracing It

Numerous eVTOL Applications & Why Bigwig Companies are Embracing It

Electrical Vertical Take-Off and Landing aircraft or eVTOL is a variety of VTOL aircraft. It uses electricity to take off, hover, and land vertically. eVTOL presents many opportunities, and big names are starting to join the ranks and develop their own eVTOL aircraft. One of them is Honda and their plans to manufacture a hybrid-electric eVTOL designed for longer-range and inter-city transportation.

The Undeniable Need for eVTOLs in the Future

With fuel prices hiking and the need for transportation, eVTOL completely transformed the aerospace industry. Since it’s powered by electricity, the scarcity of fuel isn’t affecting it. Furthermore, its capability to vertically take off and land enables it to become one of the fastest and most convenient modes of transportation.

With Honda holding the reins for a new eVTOL hybrid, we can expect newer technologies and capabilities that the company has developed in multiple industries over the years. It will incorporate the factors derived from hybrid cars and electric vehicles for eVTOL’s motor and battery. While for the sensors, controllers, and actuators, the experience might come from autonomous driving technologies.

Top Uses of eVTOL in Different Industries

When it comes to applications, the possibilities are endless. Here are some of the top uses of eVTOL in various industries:


Flying cars are more than a sci-fi fantasy as eVTOL replaces traditional aircraft for short and medium-range trips. With its capability of taking off from a small space, it’s no surprise that the technology is being adopted by companies like Uber, Airbus, Boeing, and now Honda for transportation purposes.


eVTOL can improve time-consuming and inefficient agricultural practices. It’s no secret that the farm industry is far behind in implementing technology with their farming methods. But eVTOL can produce more innovative, faster, and error-free strategies that help farmers detect threats and improve surveillance.

Emergency Medical Services

No more delays in medical aid with the help of eVTOL. According to a study by Urban Aeronautics, CityHawk Vehicle, utilizing eVTOLs as ambulances can cut medical response times. As a result, it can produce better outcomes in more than half of cardiac arrest cases. Implementing eVTOL in EMS can improve medical support and save thousands of lives from remoteness and time shortages.

Search & Rescue Missions

Natural calamities are out of our control, and many families suffer due to missing loved ones. eVTOL can change that with advanced technologies, such as visual aid, to find people stuck in debris. Furthermore, these are equipped to go into uncharted territories to find missing people who may have been covered by rubble.

Law Enforcement

Apart from providing surveillance, eVTOL can be used for law enforcement operations. It’s like a personal drone equipped with night vision cameras, audio recording devices, and other features to help officers in their daily endeavors.

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