MP35N Bolts: Unique Strength, Toughness and Corrosion Resistance

MP35N Bolts: Unique Strength, Toughness and Corrosion Resistance

In the world of aviation, there is a never ending need for greater thrust output and improved fuel efficiency. That means gas turbine engines creating higher stresses and more extreme environments for aircraft bolts. Answering the call have been so-called superalloys that can withstand unthinkable, other-worldly environments and still perform optimally.

At Aerospace Manufacturing, we work with these superalloys to create high strength, close tolerance bolts trusted by the likes of the US Navy, NASA, Sikorsky and others, including MP35N bolts, Titanium bolts, Waspaloy bolts, H11 tool steel bolts, Inconel bolts, and more.

Benefits of MP35N Bolts in Aerospace

In terms of exotic materials, MP35N bolts are certainly unique. MP35N is a nonmagnetic, nickel-cobalt-chromium-molybdenum alloy that provides extreme tensile strength (up to 300 ksi), excellent ductility, and superb corrosion resistance. MP35N is generally 35% Nickel, 35% Cobalt, 20% Chromium, and 10% Molybdenum. It has the highest fatigue strength of corrosion resistant fastener materials.

  • – It is highly corrosion resistant, especially to saltwater, hydrogen sulphide and chloride solutions
  • – Extremely resistant to stress corrosion cracking and crevice cracking even under extreme pressure.
  • – At room temperature, has a tensile strength of 227-294 ksi
  • – It maintains strength in maximum operating temperature of 800°F, but more typically used between 700°F and 750°F.
  • – Can be cold and hot worked and formed by several different processes
  • – Machinability similar to but slightly better than that of Waspaloy.

MP35N Bolts are used for…

  • – Structural components on the Space Shuttle
  • – Airframes
  • – Tie rods
  • – Petrochemical equipment
  • – Submersibles
  • – Marine equipment
  • – Leading edge strips
  • – Any other situation where high strength and good corrosion resistance are the most extreme demands.

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