A Bold Proposal to Make the Middle Seat Less Soul Crushing

A Bold Proposal to Make the Middle Seat Less Soul Crushing

Nothing in the history of commercial aviation has been a part of so many horror stories, so many trials and tribulations, so many sleepless redeyes than the middle seat. And yet year after year, flight after flight, nothing changes. Until now.

Molon Labe has designed a middle seat that is set 2 inches lower and three inches back from the seats on either side. The result? The S1, as it’s called, provides a luxurious 23 inches of space for middle seaters rather than the standard 18. Thanks to the staggered design, the S1 would put an end to the silent “elbow wars” those in the middle seat must take part in by providing each seat with its own two arm rests.

Before you start writing your congressperson demand the S1 be available on all commercial jets, you should know that the staggered seating arrangement doesn’t increase legroom. The S1 also doesn’t recline…

Acknowledging that the S1 isn’t a panacea for all that ills economy seating, Molon Labe founder and CEO Hank Scott told Wired, “Flying sucks. We’re trying to make it suck less.”

When will the S1 be coming to a middle seat near you?

As with everything in aviation, getting the proper certifications from the FAA is the primary hurdle. Molon Labe cleared this hurdle in June after 15 S1s underwent testing at the National Institute of Aviation Research at Wichita State University.

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