Investing in our Future: Facility Lighting Upgrade

Investing in our Future: Facility Lighting Upgrade

Aerospace Manufacturing continues to invest in being a world leader in aerospace fasteners. Most recently, that investment took the form of a facility-wide lighting upgrade.

New Lights on our Shop Floor

Knowing that we needed new lights for our facility, we selected high performance linear configured LED module boards (LW4 Series) by Luminaire, which are fabricated from heavy gauge code grade cold rolled steel and coated with a white polyester powder finish to produce an even and diffuse light that maximizes optical efficiency.

Our engineers work with extremely advanced machinery to achieve one of the industry’s largest capabilities in diameters, and that requires precision. Our new lights are an important part of achieving precision, but also maintaining the utmost safety of our employees. Our goal for the lighting upgrade was multifaceted, including:

– Increasing worker productivity

– Improving research potential

– Improving efficiency

– Reducing environmental impact

We also installed new high performance LED lights on our facility’s exterior and in our office.

About Aerospace Manufacturing

Aerospace Manufacturing is proud to be a AS9100 and ISO:9001 accredited, QSLM approved NJ aerospace manufacturer that uses American steel and many exotic materials to create a diversified line of high strength, close tolerance aerospace fasteners. We create national aerospace standards fasteners, metric fasteners, as well as fasteners made to AN, MIL, MS, NA standards.

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