How AMI Supports the Japanese Sikorsky SH-3 Sea King Fleet

How AMI Supports the Japanese Sikorsky SH-3 Sea King Fleet

As an approved manufacturer of Sikorsky fasteners, AMI currently creates Sikorsky Part Number – SS5213 in several diameter sizes and carries a large inventory of finished Sikorsky bolts and screws in stock.  

We also play a critical role in supporting the fleet of Japanese Sikorsky SH-3 Sea King helicopters for the Japanese Ministry of Defense and Mitsubishi Heavy Industries (which manufactures the SH-3 under license) by creating complex and hard-to-find items and delivering them with short lead times.

The Sikorsky SH-3 Sea King

The Sea King is a twin-engined anti-submarine warfare (ASW) helicopter that was originally designed to hunt Soviet subs. Today it is one of the most popular search-and-rescue helicopters in the world. 

The SH-3 was the first helicopter in the United States capable of both hunting and killing submarines — roles previously held by two separate helicopters. As a sub-hunter, the SH-3 is crewed by a pilot and a rear team operating and interpreting data from the aircraft’s many sensors.

On search and rescue details, the SH-3’s cabin can hold 22 survivors. As a troop transport, it can carry 28 fully equipped soldiers. In a medical application, it can accommodate nine stretchers and two medical officers. 

Though the SH-3 was formally retired by the U.S. Navy in 2006 in favor of the Sikorsky SH-60 Sea Hawk, the SH-3 remains in widespread military and civilian use. In addition to the Japanese Sikorsky SH-3, there is an Italian variant manufactured under license by Agusta and a British variant manufactured under license Westland. 

The civilian variants S-61L and S-61N are used across the globe by heads of state, industries and corporations.

Procure Fasteners from AMI

AMI is an AS9100 and ISO:9001 accredited, vertically integrated manufacturer of high strength, close tolerance aerospace pins, bolts, threaded rods, studs, screws and built-to-print specials. 

Our clientele includes industry leading OEMs like Boeing, Bombardier, DLA, General Electric, Lockheed Martin, NASA, NAVICP, Sikorsky and the U.S. Navy.

We are a Philips Screw licensee that specializes in both large and small runs. Whether you need a prototype or large runs for your assembly line, you can rely on AMI for rapid delivery and short lead-times.

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