Inconel Bolts: Just How Hard are They?

Inconel Bolts: Just How Hard are They?

Inconel bolts are trusted to perform in some of the most punishing applications in aviation. So, what exactly is it about this exotic material makes it so strong and reliable?

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What is Inconel?

Inconel is an austenitic nickel-chromium superalloy that is remarkable for its performance in such demanding environments as nuclear facilities and in aircraft exhaust systems. Its excellent balance of corrosion resistance, high thermal stability, toughness and strength make it a particularly desirable exotic material for aerospace bolts.

As an alloy, Inconel is a mixture of several different kinds of metals. Different kinds of Inconel sport different ingredients and are treated differently to change their ductility, strength, hardness, etc. The most common kind of Inconel used in aerospace is Inconel 718 (UNS N07718).

Inconel 718 fasteners contain iron, molybdenum, niobium as well as smaller amounts of titanium and aluminum. These give Inconel 718 fasteners the exceptional properties – thermal stability and corrosion resistance – that Inconel is known for.

Wondering how anything could possibly cut one of the strongest metals in existence? Check out the video below.

The large block of metal is Inconel, and the thing cutting it is a superhard ceramic head rotating at an extremely high speed.

Benefits of Inconel Bolts in Aerospace

  • – Exceptional corrosion resistance
  • – Withstands temperatures as high as 1,600 °F.
  • – Tensile strength of 100,000 psi annealed, 125,000 psi when hard rolled, about twice as strong as Inconel 625
  • – Highly resistant to salt water
  • – Welds easily in either annealed or aged
  • – Can be worked with easily, similar to other corrosion resistant steels

Inconel Bolts are used for…

  • – Aircraft exhaust systems
  • – Gas turbine engines
  • – Airframe parts
  • – Rocket motors
  • – Spacecraft
  • – Nuclear reactors, pumps and tooling

Procure Inconel Bolts from Aerospace Manufacturing

Aerospace Manufacturing is AS9100 and ISO:9001 accredited, QSLM approved and a Phillips Screw licensee.

Examples of Inconel bolts that we manufacture include MS14183L-C7, MS14181-06036L, MS14181-03006, MS14181-H12-120P and many more. To find your preferred bolt, search our extensive inventory. Getting a quote is quick and simple!

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