AMI Wins Contract to Create Bolts for Japan’s Flagship Launch Vehicle

AMI Wins Contract to Create Bolts for Japan’s Flagship Launch Vehicle

AMI is happy to announce that we have won contracts to create bolts in support of the H-IIA, Japan’s primary large-scale launch vehicle, which is operated by Mitsubishi Heavy Industries for the Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency.

An expendable launch system, the H-IIA has one of the highest performance to cost ratios of any launch system in the world. A H-IIA launch costs roughly half that of comparable systems. Cost reduction is more significant now than ever thanks to the huge growth in satellite-based observation, data services, broadcasting and communication systems.

In the video below, you can see the recent successful launch of a H-IIA which carried the second iteration of “IBUKI“, the world’s first satellite dedicated to greenhouse-gas-monitoring, and KhalifaSat, a remote sensing Earth observation satellite that provides high-resolution imagery of Earth to be used for urban planning, meteorology and environmental monitoring.

The H-IIA is part of a revolution currently taking place in the field of aerospace. In the past, space programs were invariably large-scale and centered around high-cost projects. Today the focus is on lower-cost missions with more limited aims. These kinds of projects are possible because  of the development of cost-effective launch systems like the H-IIA. 

The H-IIA has an operational success rate of 97.4%, and the H-IIB has a 100% success rate, giving these systems the highest performance level in the world. 

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