Customer Success Story: AMI Provides Obsolete Retrofit Support for Convair Firefighting Missions

Customer Success Story: AMI Provides Obsolete Retrofit Support for Convair Firefighting Missions

Cutting-edge airplanes with state-of-the-art technology make headlines and attract attention in aviation and aerospace news. However, many planes from the past are still in service and performing noteworthy feats.

Provided that older planes receive regular ongoing maintenance to remain airworthy and compliant with FAA flight regulations, they are highly reliable. As such, they can still play an important role in modern aviation.

One-of-a-kind airframes otherwise considered obsolete are in the air delivering critical services like fighting fires. Alaskan bush pilots are famous for maintaining medevac airplanes that are over 50 years old.

Flying Boats Take to the Skies

Coulson Aircrane Ltd. purchased the Hawaii and Philippine Mars airframes to increase its firefighting fleet. It has since made a name for itself as the only worldwide operator of Sikorsky S61 Type 1 helicopters as well as the largest water bombers on the globe.

After acquiring the Mars water bombers, Coulson applied significant upgrades to the Hawaii Mars. These upgrades brought the airplane into compliance with the high aviation and safety standards required for state-of-the-art firefighting. The upgraded Hawaii Mars boasts “an EFIS Glass Cockpit and the ability to stream live data from certain key on-board, indication systems.”

Additional data from the plane includes “Flight Tracking, Load Data measuring, Aircraft Performance statistics, Atmospheric Condition at Drop readings, and Accurate Drop Location reporting” in real-time.

Coulson takes pride in maintaining the high standards of safety and accountability required to provide firefighters with a world-class experience.

Aerospace Obsolete Retrofit Support from AMI

Aerospace Manufacturing is proud to have played a role in a recent success story by providing aerospace obsolete retrofit support for KF Aerospace.

KF Aerospace Engineering is the certificate holder for Convair airlines. As such, it is tasked with maintaining the Convair world fleet. KF Aerospace’s work includes “AOG repair support, part manufacturing and maintenance of the required technical documents for continued airworthiness.”

This aircraft company has been maintaining Convair products for over 10 years. The company has developed a high degree of proficiency in working with older and out-of-production airlines.

KF approached us with an impending need for maintenance components. In this case, it was fasteners for obsolete retrofit to be used for Convair airframes. These planes are used in aerial firefighting and in wildfire control.

AMI was able to produce, ship and deliver the needed items in 10 weeks. Delivery was just in time for the firefighting season.

Custom Manufacturing

AMI is a distinguished provider of aerospace obsolete retrofit fastener components. We can meet any customized or specialized requirements including “metric standards, customer-supplied prints, and special part numbers.”

How We Work

All of our customers are important. Whether your company is large or small, you’ll receive the same degree of service excellence. We pride ourselves on being able to meet the unique needs of every client.

AMI’s commitment to you is demonstrated in our approach to custom manufacturing. We offer a multi-pronged approach that includes a team of high-level engineers and a customer care staff that’s focused on you.

Our highly trained technicians will partner with you to develop the most applicable solution for your particular needs. Our engineers can also recommend existing fasteners that fit your requirements.


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