Our Products Are Made with American Steel: 3 Reasons That’s Important

Our Products Are Made with American Steel: 3 Reasons That’s Important

Everyone knows that steel is one of the strongest man-made metals on the planet. And you may also know that all steels are not equal, especially in light of the recent Kobe Steel scandal.

That’s why the Aerospace Manufacturing team wants to remind all our customers and potential new customers that our products are made from high-quality American steel. We also want to assure you that none of our products have been manufactured from steel from Kobe Steel, neither directly from that company nor through its distributors. To help you better understand why using American steel is important to us, here are three reasons we believe it’s better:

1 – American Steel Is Better Quality Steel

  • Ask any engineer or manufacturer out there that uses steel and they’ll tell you that American steel has a higher quality than most imported steel. In fact, some imported steel can have serious quality defects and even pose safety risks when used in certain applications. Some countries have even issued safety warnings about using Chinese steel. The UK in 2015, for example, warned that using steel imports from China in building structures could put lives at risk. Some imported steel is just not manufactured under the same strict standards as American steel. They may, for example, include more additives—like boron –which affect strength and durability.

2 – American Steel Is Better for the Environment

  • There’s no question about it that American steel is produced under conditions that are better for the environment. In fact, steel production in China reportedly creates five times more sulfur dioxide, 18 times more particulate matter and three times more nitrogen oxides per ton of steel than that in the United States. Additionally, the American steel industry as a whole has done a lot in recent years to proactively generate a smaller footprint. Even TreeHugger has praised the industry for its “great improvements with energy efficiency over the last decade” while improving recyclability. The group said that “steel is the most recyclable and recycled material in North America, with an overall recycling rate of 66%.”

3 – American Steel Is Better for America

  • The American steel industry directly employs about 140,000 workers, according to the American Iron and Steel Institute; however, it indirectly supports over a million more jobs in the U.S.

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