Airbus Set to Introduce New Narrow Body Cabin Design

Airbus Set to Introduce New Narrow Body Cabin Design

Game-Changing Events at Airbus

Exciting developments are happening on the aerospace front, and Airbus, the world’s largest airliner manufacturer, spearheads these efforts. Eager to revolutionize their Airspace cabin, Airbus developed a cutting-edge narrow-body design to add to their A320 family. JetBlue will be the first airline to showcase this incredible innovation once Airbus conducts a few final tests. Airbus currently measures noise levels in the cabin while honing this updated layout’s inner workings to ensure optimal quality.

Offering All The Bells And Whistles

Though Airbus is predicted to make some adjustments to their design, these minor changes won’t detract from the cabin’s coveted upgrades. Equipped with customizable LED lighting, the new format will exude an ultramodern essence. Passengers can also expect significant improvements to the lavatories. Airbus has thoughtfully added touchless features and antimicrobial coatings to the cabin’s facilities, promoting an overall cleanlier experience.

Modifications have also been made to the overhead bins and windows. More specifically, Airbus has allowed for more storage space and tweaked the window design to bring in more light. Adding more intrigue to the new narrow-body design are the sleek window shades. To encourage cozier in-flight travel, Airbus drew inspiration from their A350 aircraft. In other words, they’ve reworked the cabin’s walls to provide more shoulder space. Even the entrance has been modernized, making it more straightforward for passengers and the crew to enter and exit the aircraft.

How Airbus Is Upholding Their Core Values

Airbus is driven by comfort, ambiance, service, and design, which is why this aerospace company is making ongoing attempts to enhance the passenger experience. Airbus has been so committed to rolling out a flawless model that it’s taken them four years to craft their all-new narrow-body cabin design. This state-of-the-art project has been in the works since Airbus launched their A320 program in 2017.

A Look At The Remaining Timeline

Fortunately, Airbus is well on its way to introducing its latest creation. With the initial testing phase already over, all that’s left is to see how the updated design performs in the air. According to Michael Willmer, a technical leader at Airbus, the company is pulling out all the stops to guarantee proper in-flight testing. To analyze the aircraft’s performance, special sensors and cameras were used during flight-testing. Barring any safety issues, JetBlue’s fleet will have the honor of debuting the new A320 cabin.

This year, JetBlue is prepared to add 15 new planes to its fleet. However, the airline won’t be welcoming any A320s. With that said, the cabin will be retrofit to its current fleet. Fortunately, this will allow the older planes to match the standards of the incoming deliveries. With a fair amount of travel restrictions being lifted, JetBlue is keen to see how leisure travelers will respond to the cabin’s contemporary and user-friendly additions.

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