Airbus Unveils Passenger Bunk Beds…in the Cargo Hold

Airbus Unveils Passenger Bunk Beds…in the Cargo Hold

Like the earliest transatlantic steamers and transcontinental railroads, the first passenger jets were more about grandeur than economy. The seats were large and comfortable. There was plenty of legroom. It was about traveling in style more than just traveling.

Airbus, one of the world’s largest aircraft manufacturers, is trying to bring back some of that glamour. Kind of.

Snuggling up in the Cargo Hold

Airbus teamed up with Zodiac Aerospace to create passenger modules that are the exact size and shape of a cargo container. They look something like an old-fashioned sleeper car but are white and glossy. Each module contains bunk beds that are stacked two high. Claustrophobic passengers are discouraged from trying to bed down below deck, however. There are no windows and space is very limited.

Airbus will begin by deploying these “sleeper pods” on their A330 widebody jets, the workhorses responsible for most medium- to long-distance routes with more than 300 passengers.

Sleeping “below deck” in the cargo container isn’t actually as strange as it may sound. Large aircraft, like the A330 and A380 have bunks downstairs where crew members can rest on long flights.

Where does it go from sleeper pods? We’re glad you asked. Airbus also released designs of kids play zone modules, a conference room, a lounge, and a medical suite. Check out the possibilities in the video below.

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