Airbus has a New Business Model

Airbus has a New Business Model

Maintenance, flight management and aircraft monitoring data used to be locked in separate silos that all had to be wrangled together to allow maintenance crews to diagnose and solve problems. 

With Skywise, a first-of-its-kind open data platform, Airbus is not only changing how maintenance is done, it’s also changing its business model. 

What is Skywise?

Skywise extracts data from all on-board systems aboard a commercial airliner, sorts and compares that data, analyzes the data to find root causes and identifies the best and least costly solutions.

Best of all? It presents all that information in a user-friendly interface that facilitates quick decision-making. The end result is safer air travel, reduced maintenance costs for airliners, and fewer delays for travelers.

It’s win-win-win situation, which explains why Skywise was on just 70 airlines in June but today can be found on more than 100 airlines and 8,500 aircraft.

The battle for new revenue streams

In the perennial battle between aerospace heavyweights Boeing and Airbus, a new front has opened. No longer are Airbus and Boeing just facing off in their core business — building and delivering aircraft on time — but in the arena of AI and big data.

In its recent earnings call, Airbus CEO Guillaume Faury happily announced that Airbus’s services revenue rose to $2.8 billion over the first three quarters of the year, a 17% year-over-year increase.

Boeing, of course, blows those numbers out of the water. In the third quarter alone, Boeing reported $4.7 billion in services revenue, but a large chunk of that was from military and not commercial work.

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