Aerospace Pins: Not Your Ordinary Fastener

Aerospace Pins: Not Your Ordinary Fastener

Unlike other kinds of aerospace fasteners, aerospace pins are meant to function as pivots, axles and fulcrums. One of the most common aerospace pins we manufacture is the MS20392 series.

Common MS20392 Series

MS20392 pins are also called “Clevis Pins” or “Mil-Spec Clevis Pins.”  MS20392 pins are part of a three-piece fastener system that includes a drilled hole in the shank through which a split pin (cotter pin) in placed. They are commonly used to secure control surfaces, often in military applications.

  • – MS20392-1P9
  • – MS20392-1R31
  • – MS20392-2P19
  • – MS20392-2P21
  • – MS20392-2R33

Characteristics of MS20392 Aerospace Pins

MS20392 aerospace pins are available in steel alloy, corrosion resistant steel (stainless steel), and titanium alloy with finishes ranging from passivated steel to cadmium or chrome. Lengths range from 4.281 inches to .219 inches. Diameters range from .125 inches to 1 inch.

Procure Aerospace Pins from Aerospace Manufacturing

Aerospace Manufacturing is a AS9100 and ISO:9001 accredited, QSLM approved manufacturer that create high strength, close tolerance fasteners, including screws, bolts, pins, and studs.

We proudly manufacture MS20392 series pins as well as custom pins for industry leading OEMs and aerospace organizations. Check out our other blog articles to learn more about Titanium bolts, Waspaloy bolts, H11 tool steel bolts, Inconel bolts, MP35N bolts.

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