Phillips Aerospace Fasteners: What it means to be a Phillips Licensee

Phillips Aerospace Fasteners: What it means to be a Phillips Licensee

When you think of a screw, you likely picture a Phillips-head screw – the one with the slots that look like a plus sign. That’s no mistake. The Phillips Screw Company set the standard for fasteners during the era of mass production in the 1920s and quickly became ubiquitous. Phillips-head screws became ubiquitous thanks to their impeccable design and ease of manufacture. Today, Phillips Screw Company remains a leader in the design of proprietary aerospace fastener technology. It relies on a global network of licensed manufacturers, including Aerospace Manufacturing, to create Phillips screws to precise specifications.

Phillips Screws: Setting the Standard for Aerospace Fasteners

Phillips-head screw was originally designed for power tools, especially power tools operating on assembly lines. The shallow, cruciform slot in the screw allows drivers – the systems used to turn the screw – to:

  • -Engage fast
  • -Stay engaged
  • -Avoid sliding out from centrifugal force

These advantages revolutionized production and saved manufacturers unimaginable sums in:

  • -Time
  • -Damaged components
  • -Labor costs

Benefits of Phillips Aerospace Fasteners

Phillips Screw Company continues to lead the way with the industry’s most innovative and trusted aerospace fasteners. Phillips fasteners continue to outperform competitors thanks to specifications that allow for:

  • -Greater paint buildup
  • -Elevated damage tolerance
  • -Reduced cam-out
  • -Higher torque performance

Need Phillips Aerospace Fasteners?

Look no further than Aerospace Manufacturing! We are incredibly proud to manufacture fasteners under the trademarks of Phillips Screw Company, including:

Torq-Set® (Offset Cruciform)


  • -Lockheed P-3 Orion (Above)
  • -USAF E-3
  • -USN E-6
  • -USAF F-16
  • -Airbus
  • -Embraer
  • -Bombardier

Torq-Set® ACR (Offset Cruciform-Ribbed)


  • -USAF F-16 (Above)
  • -USAF E-3
  • -USN E-6
  • -Lockheed P-3 Orion
  • -Airbus
  • -Pratt & Whitney
  • -Tomahawk

Phillips ACR® (Cruciform-Ribbed)


  • -USN; USMC; USAF – Sikorsky H-60 “Black Hawk” military helicopter (Above)
  • -Rolls-Royce Trent 900 turbofan engines
  • -Boeing 777
  • -Gulfstream
  • -USN – Lockheed P-3 Orion

Tri-Wing® (Tri-Slot)


  • -BAE Systems Goshawk (Above)
  • -BAE Systems Hawk
  • -Lockheed L1011
  • -Bombardier/DeHavilland
  • -Airbus A320
  • -Airframe beacons
  • -Airframe warning lights

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