How to Read Aerospace Bolt Head Markings

How to Read Aerospace Bolt Head Markings

The Boeing 747 is made of over six million parts. Half of these are aerospace fasteners. Fasteners, which play a critical role in the structural integrity and longevity of aircraft, include Aerospace Bolts, Aerospace Rivets, and Aerospace Screws & Studs. Bolts are used where high strength is the primary desired characteristic. Aerospace-quality bolts are typically made from titanium, stainless or corrosion resistant steel, or alloy steel.

How to Read Aerospace Bolt Head Markings

There are many different aerospace bolt head types available, and we manufacture them all. These include:

  • -Spline Head
  • -12 Point
  • -Socket Head
  • -Internal Wrenching
  • -Flush Head
  • -Hex Head
  • -Pan Head
  • -Six-Lobe
  • -Shear Head
  • -Place Bolt
  • -Brazier Head
  • -Pin Head
  • -Round Head
  • -Slotted Round Head
  • -Crown Hex

Aerospace bolt head markings are used to identify the different head types on the bolt itself. Every aerospace bolt will have a head marking. If it does not have a marking, it is a commercial grade bolt. Aerospace bolt head markings will vary by manufacturer as each manufacturer has a trademarked head marking. All of Aerospace Manufacturing’s products will be head marked with our “AM” logo, identifying the products correlation to its world-class manufacturer.

Naturally this is just a summary of some of the numbers and markings you are likely to find on aerospace bolts. If you have any questions about our vast inventory of high strength, close tolerance bolts, don’t hesitate to ask!

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Aerospace Manufacturing uses the latest technology and the highest quality materials to create a diversified line of high strength, close tolerance aerospace fasteners. We have extensive experience manufacturing customized fasteners made from exotic materials including Titanium, Inconel, Waspaloy, A-286, MP35N, MP159 as well as Alloy Steel, H11, Stainless Steel and Monel 400 and 500 series.

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